Why is my Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

As the hot Central Texas summer quickly approaches, many homeowners are turning on their air conditioners for the first time this season, only to find that they’re blowing warm air.  There are many reasons why an air conditioner might blow warm, or even hot, air.  Here’s a look at two of the most common causes.

Lack of Coolant

One of the easiest fixes is a lack of coolant.  Air conditioners use freon to cool air, but freon occasionally leaks out of a unit over time.  If your unit’s performance slowly declined last summer, it may have lost freon.  If it continued to lose freon over the winter, there might not be any cool air coming from your unit now.

Recharging the freon in a system is a relatively easy and inexpensive repair.  All a technician needs to do is refill the freon in the system and check for any leaks that might have led to the loss.

A Frozen Evaporator Coil

If you’re unit stopped performing soddenly while it was operating, it might have frozen up.  Yes, an air conditioner can freeze, and, when it does, it blows warm air.  

As ironic as this may sound, a frozen evaporator coil is one of the most common issues with air conditioners that are blowing hot air.  For, a unit’s motor can still run without a functioning evaporator coil, and it will blow air just fine.  The air that it blows will be hot, though.

It doesn’t take long to thaw a frozen evaporator coil, especially in the Texas sun.  Just turning your system off and letting it sit idle for a couple of hours in the afternoon should melt the ice that’s built up inside the unit.

Although the immediate problem can be fixed by letting your unit thaw, you should still have it inspected by a professional.  A frozen evaporator coil shows that water’s building up inside the unit, and your system is being overworked.  A trained technician will be able to check your entire system for the underlying cause that led to the frozen coil.

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, we can help you identify the cause.  Often, just a small fix will get a system up and running properly again.  One of our technicians can identify the precise issues and quickly remedy it for you, before the real heat of summer sets in.


At Comfort Control, we install and maintain systems to support your unique needs. Contact us today for an expert consultation.

Three Natural Ways to Lower Humidity

As the weather heats up, follow these simple suggestions to create a refuge from the humid climate of Austin.

Increase Ventilation

Ventilation plays a crucial role in the effective management of humidity levels. Excess water in the air increases humidity, so you will want to focus especially on areas of your home that are prone to moisture. Use fans and open windows in areas of your home where excess water enters the environment through activities such as steaming food in the kitchen, showering in the bathroom, or running your washing machine in the laundry room.

Manage Moisture

Combine multiple strategies to keep water from building up in the air. Taking shorter, cooler showers produces far less humidifying steam than taking long, hot showers. You can also manage your indoor climate through choice of cooking methods. Slow cookers are less humidifying than stovetop or oven cooking, and, of course, grilling outside produces no indoor humidity at all. Cover exposed soil in houseplant pots. This measure will make watering plants more effective by preventing evaporation, and when you water less frequently, you prevent humidity.

Make a Simple Dehumidifier

Make your own dehumidifier using rock salt. Directions can be found at http://www.ehow.com/how_5317871_make-own-dehumidifier.html .

The tips suggested above give you greater control over your indoor environment, and in conjunction with a quality air conditioning system, these methods are instantly enhanced. At Comfort Control, we install and maintain systems to support your unique needs. Contact us today for an expert consultation.

How Much Should a New Air Conditioning System Cost?

What should a new Air Conditioning System cost?

The answer depends on a number of factors. At Comfort Control, our certified and professional technicians will come to your home to perform a free assessment, which will calculate the actual square footage to be cooled. Based on this information, we determine the number of units, or tons, needed to cool your home or business efficiently. “Ton” refers to the amount of heat the unit can remove from a home in one hour. For example, a 1-1/2 ton HVAC unit will remove 18,000 BTUs of heat in one hour.

The installation costs will also reflect whether it is necessary to replace wiring, the number of units needed, repair work to the pad on which the unit sits, the number of thermostats needed, and whether any ductwork must be replaced. Some of these costs may add significantly to the final costs. Another factor which could increase the initial cost more than average is whether you wish to purchase a unit with an improved seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). A unit with a SEER rating greater than the average of 13 SEER will lower your energy costs and cooling times. You can also purchase a unit with a lower decibel rating to reduce the noise of your air conditioner. Many cities have regulations specifying the decibels required; a permit and an inspection may also be required for the installation of a new system but not for a repair. This can also increase the cost quoted to you so make sure your technician is familiar with the building code in your area.

At Comfort Control all of technicians are certified to handle refrigerant as required by law. Contact us today at (512)308-6949.

Comfort Control: Quality Austin Electricians

Using Our Austin Electricians Service To Set Up Your New Kitchen

As a leading provider in the Austin area, the team at Comfort Control helps homeowners with a virtually endless range of residential projects. A popular project that our clients use our expertise for? Wiring a new kitchen space.

What To Consider When Wiring In Your New Kitchen Space

When working with our team of electricians for wiring your new kitchen, we will partner with you throughout the process to consider various must-haves to ensure you not only meet code requirements, but also enjoy optimal functionality in your new space. As part of our comprehensive approach, Comfort Control will discuss important kitchen wiring items such as:

Separate Kitchen Appliance Circuits
Refrigerators, electric ovens/ranges, garbage disposals and microwave ovens are some of the appliances that will require a separate circuit. We will carefully go over your appliance layout to ensure every item gets the wiring it needs.

Countertop Outlets
Yes, there are code minimums that have to be met with countertop outlets; however, at Comfort Control we also want our customers to enjoy optimal convenience with the placement of their countertop outlets. We can work with you to consider items such as toasters, slow cookers, coffee makers and any other electric appliances you’ll need to be able to plug in so you’ll never find yourself without an easy-to-access outlet. Our team also understands the latest wet area restrictions so you’ll never have to worry about outlet placement around sinks or other water areas in your room.

Wiring for lighting in your new kitchen plays a key role in how much you’ll truly enjoy the new space. Our Austin electric service technicians have the skills and experience needed to answer any lighting questions you may have. We can help create a customized layout that strategically placing lighting and light switches throughout the room for a truly distinctive and intuitive final design.

Comfort Control offers unparalleled electric services to help you customize any room or space. Want to learn more about our capabilities and company differentiators? Visit our website today!

Successful Air Conditioning Installation In Austin, TX

Considering Air Conditioning Installation In Austin, TX? Know These Three Important Factors

Here at Comfort Control, as a leading resource for area home and business owners looking for air conditioning installation in Austin, TX, we partner with our clients to help them understand exactly what they can expect throughout the process. We pride ourselves on arming our clients with the answers they need to make an informed final decision regarding their cooling needs. Comfort Control also realizes that every space has its own distinctive features and requirements; that’s why we offer customized solutions for every customer – it’s the only way to deliver optimal results and ensure client satisfaction.

Customized Solutions For Air Conditioning Installation In Austin, TX

When working with our team of HVAC experts for your air conditioning installation in Austin, TX, we will consult with you on three important key factors to ensure that you enjoy a seamless and convenient experience from start to finish.

These three considerations include:

Airflow: Airflow is one of the most critical considerations to evaluate throughout an air conditioning installation in Austin, TX. Our highly skilled, experienced and trained HVAC specialists will work with you to determine the best strategy to maximize airflow in your designated spaces.

System size: Choosing the right size of unit for your air conditioning installation in Austin, TX can also have a major impact on the cooling results that you achieve. The team at Comfort Control is well versed in selecting the precise unit for any room setup. With us, you’ll never have to worry about paying for a unit that’s too big, or likewise, installing a system that’s too small for the space it needs to cool.

Room placement: At Comfort Control, we understand that our clients have two specific goals when choosing the placement for their air conditioning installation in Austin, TX. First and foremost, they want to select a location in the room that will deliver results. However, their requirements don’t stop there; our clients also want to place their units in a location that esthetically works in the space as well. When teaming with us, we will strategize various placement options to determine where you’ll enjoy maximum results as well as minimal visual impact for the best return on your overall investment.

For more information on our customized air conditioning installation solutions, call us today at 512-308-6949 or connect with us online.

Scheduling Air Conditioning Maintenance In Austin

7 Reasons Why You Need Proactive Air Conditioning Maintenance In Austin

If you’re like most area residents and business owners, you probably don’t give much thought to your needs for air conditioning maintenance in Austin. However, waiting until you have an issue with your air conditioning unit can have a fairly significant impact on both the performance of your unit as well as your wallet. Knowing key reasons why you need proactive air conditioning maintenance in Austin can help ensure that your system operates at maximum capacity at all times.

Scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance offers:

Uncompromised performance: First and foremost, air conditioning maintenance in Austin allows users to enjoy uncompromised performance at all times. You’ll never have to worry about a unit running too hard or not enough to achieve the perfect room temperature for your needs.

Better efficiency: Oftentimes, home and business owners don’t even realize that their HVAC unit isn’t working as effectively as it should; scheduling air conditioning maintenance means that your system will be balanced and working as efficiently as possible, resulting in less environmental impact. System efficiency can also mean you’ll save money on your utility bills as well.

Happier inhabitants: It’s no secret that room temperature can have a major influence on everyone inside the room. Routine service calls can mean that your family and/or coworkers have a pleasant and possibly more productive environment.

Less expensive: Consistent maintenance on your air conditioning unit can also mean avoiding potentially hefty repair bills down the road. A qualified firm will be able to identify small issues before they become big ones.

Scheduling convenience: Waiting until your system fails means that you may find yourself at the scheduling whim of a repair team. However, you can schedule your preventative checkups whenever proves most convenient for you.

Longer product lifespan: Having your unit consistently evaluated not only means that your chosen team may find issues before they get out of hand, it also means that they will maintain every component of the system to extend the overall lifespan of the product.

Peace of mind: Most importantly, scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance in Austin means that your system will work for you when you need it. You’ll effectively minimize the chance that it will suddenly and unexpectedly break down, particularly after a stretch of non-use.

Partner With A Trusted Service Provider For Air Conditioning Maintenance In Austin

Of course, consistent maintenance is only one component to consider; it’s also critical to partner with a trusted maintenance provider to ensure that you enjoy a positive experience from start to finish. When screening prospective vendors, look for skilled, experienced and certified staff members. Also, always look for a provider that makes your satisfaction a top priority; only partner with vendors that offer 24/7 emergency services and a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities to guarantee convenience and one-stop-solutions, no matter what your HVAC needs.

Want to hear more about Comfort Control’s superior service offerings for air conditioning maintenance in Austin? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today at (512) 308-6949, or fill out our website form to book an appointment for a free evaluation.

Understanding The Importance Of Whole House Surge Protection

Whole House Surge Protection: Know The Benefits Of This Important Electric Service In Austin

At Comfort Control, one of our top priorities is delivering quality electric service in Austin and throughout the area. Our job is to ensure that the flow of electricity is unimpeded throughout your home and office at all times. However, even with our expertise and skills, sometimes a home can experience an unexpected power surge with consequences.

A Home Power Surge Can Cost Property Owners Thousands In Replacement Expenses

Caused by external factors such as downed power lines, the use of major home appliances or even a lightning strike, a home power surge can damage (or even destroy) anything that is plugged in throughout the residence. The result? Many homeowners find themselves faced with the potentially significant expense of replacing virtually every electric item in their homes. Worst yet, many of these electrical appliances and products may not show outer signs of damage; it’s only when they are finally used (or attempted to be used) again that a homeowner will notice that they are not performing as they should.

Whole House Surge Protection: A Key Electric Service In Austin

At Comfort Control, we highly recommend whole house surge protection as one of our key electric services in Austin. Our certified HVAC specialists will create a customized surge solution for your home where we install the protector at your main service panel. Once installed, this protector can withstand a significant amount of voltage and safeguard your home and electric items should you experience a potentially damaging event.

When including whole house surge protection as part of your customized services, Comfort Control will help you protect various household items, including:

• Computers
• Televisions
• Home entertainment systems
• Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, microwave, garbage disposal, etc.)
• Clothes dryer

Additionally, a whole house surge protection system can also safeguard your air conditioning and furnace systems, ensuring that you enjoy uninterrupted climate control in your home at all times.

Contact Climate Control Today For More About This Electric Service In Austin

If you’re considering whole house surge protection, Climate Control can help. We provide superior electric services in Austin and throughout the area to ensure our clients enjoy optimal peace of mind. Visit our website for more information or call us today at 512-308-6949.

Replace Or Upgrade Your Air Conditioning This Winter

Winter Is A Great Time To Schedule Home Air Conditioning Service

Thinking of undertaking some remodeling projects this winter while the temperatures are a bit cooler? If your home air conditioning service needs upgrading or replacement, this is a great time to arrange for it. Comfort Control, your local HVAC specialist, is glad to help you prepare for a raging Austin summer next year by installing new equipment. Adding a room on to your home? We can offer you the newest in air-conditioning products, including the popular ductless mini split system.

Considerations When Adding New Or Replacement Equipment

When you are remodeling or replacing your service you may need:

• An evaluation of your current system to see the best way to add more equipment
• Installation of new equipment, maybe even high-efficiency equipment with energy star ratings
• Energy efficient duct replacement
• Duct sealing and insulation
• Home insulation
• Indoor air quality upgrades

To make sure that your system is appropriately sized for your home, our technicians will perform a heat load analysis to determine the size of equipment and ductwork you need. They take factors such as window size and location, wall construction and orientation, construction materials, flooring, insulation, and other appliances into account as these things influence system efficiency. Even though installing an oversized air conditioning system may seem like a good tactic for withstanding the Texas heat, a right-sized system will cool your home better and be more energy efficient.

Entrust Your Home Air Conditioning Service To Comfort Control

Comfort Control will discuss the pros and cons of different brands, and let you know about rebates and promotions offered by different manufactures and by the utility companies. While adding a new system or additional equipment can be a substantial investment, you will get the best deal on labor as well as equipment in the winter off-season.

Winter time is a perfect time to schedule HVAC jobs. If you wait until warm weather for home air conditioning service and installation, you may find yourself waiting longer for a technician to schedule your work. During the summer, those who want new installation find themselves in competition with hot, uncomfortable customers who need service.

When you contract with Comfort Control to make HVAC upgrades in your home, you can be sure that we will obtain all permits and do work according to code. When the weather heats up, you will be ready to enjoy your new equipment.

Call Us Today

Call Comfort Control today at (512) 308-6949 or contact us via our website to schedule home air conditioning service.

Check Your Furnace Before Winter

Maintain And Upgrade Your HVAC In Austin Before Winter

When winter rolls around, the air-conditioning part of your HVAC in Austin can take a break and let your furnace do the job to warm up your house. Although the area is noted for its scorching summers, winters can dip into the 20s. The average temperatures are not that low, but you still need to make sure that your heating equipment is in good condition to get you through the winter. Comfort Control wants to ensure that you and your family are comfortable whatever the weather decides to do this year.

Tuning Up Your Furnace For Good Winter Performance

If you notice uneven heating or high utility bills, that is as a good indication that something needs to be checked before winter sets in. Even if everything appears to be working fine, it pays to invest a few dollars in a comprehensive inspection or tune up in anticipation of breakdowns on a cold winter night.

Your Comfort Control heating specialist will gladly inspect your equipment whether you have gas or electric heat. The specific things he checks for will vary a bit depending on the type of system you have.

What Does A Furnace Check Include?

In all cases, the technician will:

• Check the thermostat
• Check filters
• Lubricate motors
• Check for disconnect

For gas systems, he will then:

• Check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide levels
• Test gas pressure and air combustion levels
• Inspect the heat exchanger, vent pipe, pilot assembly, and burners, adjusting where necessary
• Check door switch, safeties, and fan controls

For electric heat and heat pumps, he will also:

• Check wiring connections
• Check voltage and amperage
• Check emergency heat and heat strips
• Test reversing valve and defrost operation
• Tighten all mechanical fittings

What If You Need a New HVAC In Austin?

A furnace check sometimes reveals that your equipment needs replacement. Your Comfort Control technician can help you determine whether you need a new furnace or heat pump, or whether a whole HVAC system would be a better investment. Both Texas Gas Service and Austin Electric offer rebates and promotions that may help you make your decision on what to add or upgrade. Rebates are greater if you install a whole heating and cooling system, so experts suggest that if you are planning to replace your air conditioning within 24 to 36 months, you should consider having a total system upgrade when you need a furnace. You may also qualify for federal tax credits.

Solutions From Comfort Control

While most homeowners dread hearing the words “You need a new furnace,” Comfort Control can offer you great financing deals, as well as special discounts for active military or veterans and their families, and also senior citizens.

To have your furnace checked or to schedule an appointment if you have a problem with your HVAC in Austin, call us today at 512-308-6949 or connect with us online.

Don’t Overload Outlets At Holidays

Improve Your Austin Electric Service For Safe Holiday Lighting

As the year comes to a close, homeowners look forward to celebrating the holidays and planning for the new year. Comfort Control, Austin electric service professionals, can help you to both have a safe holiday and make sure your home has enough power to meet your needs.

Power Problems Emerge When You Light Up

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, you probably use lights to enhance the festivities. As you go to plug in holiday decorations you may find you lack enough outlets, so you plug more things into power strips. Since everything plugged into one strip feeds off the same outlet, you risk overloading the outlet. If you go crazy with holiday decorating, you can find yourself subject to blown fuses or tripped breakers. This is actually a safety feature which can alert you to either reduce your power consumption or increase the electrical capacity in your home.

Overloaded outlets can have a more serious consequence as well. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CSS) there are 5,300 fires that result each year in America from overloaded outlets, with over 2,000 of them occurring around the holidays. These dangers can result from overloading outlets, using devices with frayed or worn wiring, or using unsafe decorations that lack the Underwriters Laboratory label. Many cheap products from overseas will not withstand basic safety testing.

How Much Power Consumption Is Too Much?

There is no magic number for how many appliances you can have plugged-in at your home before the electrical system is overburdened. To figure out how much of the electrical capacity of your house you are using, you should add up the wattage used by you decorations and your household appliances and divide them by the number of volts in your house, which is usually 120. If you find that you’re using 2,000 watts of power, you are using about 80% of the available current.

Strings of Christmas lights might not drastically increase your usage, especially if you are using LED lights, but during the holidays, the problem is often compounded because in addition to the extra burden of decorations, people tend to use space heaters and more appliances that drastically increase electrical usage. The result can be a fire that starts in the walls where you cannot even see it.

How Can You Get Through The Holidays Safely?

If you find yourself short of outlets, the first thing to do it to think carefully about whether this is a seasonal shortage or whether you are usually scrambling for place to plug in electronics. If that’s the case, the best holiday gift you could give your family would be to have Austin electric service professionals from Comfort Control inspect your system and add more outlets. In assessing your situation, they may find that you need to increase the service to your home.

To reduce the risk of fire, especially if your house wiring is inadequate, follow a few tips:

• Don’t piggyback power strips by plugging additional power strips into one.
• Make sure your decorations have certifications from UL or other testing bodies and are in good condition.
• Don’t overdo it when plugging in space heaters and other energy sucking appliances.
• Replace your incandescent lights with LED lights. You would need 40 strings of LED to use as much power as five incandescent strengths. If you still have the old type lights, not more than three strings together.
• Make sure to turn off decorations when you go to sleep or leave the home.

Comfort Control Can Increase Your Austin Electric Service

If you need more power to your home, you may need a new electric panel as well. Although this can be costly, making this investment will make your home safer all year round. Even if you don’t want to do it now, plan on making this upgrade in the new year.

Whether you need your system checked, more outlets added, or your electric service upgraded, Comfort Control can help you. Just give us a call at (512) 308-6949, or fill in our website form to book an appointment for an evaluation.

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